Ice cream

Freeze dried coconut ice cream

Freeze-dried ice cream with coconut has an unusual taste and is as unique as our astronauts. So if you want to touch at least a little bit of their life experiences, we invite you to try the most amazing ice cream not only on earth, but also in space!

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Ingredients: MILK 49%, water, sugar, BUTTER, coconut milk powder 3% (coconut milk, maltodextrin), skimmed milk powder, glucose syrup, refined coconut oil, cocoa powder 1%, emulsifiers: fatty acid mono- and fatty acid sucrose esters. acids; stabilizers: guar gum, tar gum, xanthan gum, carrageenan, locust bean gum; modified starch, dextrose; fructose, natural flavoring, flavoring: vanilla

Store in a dry and cool place.

Place of origin: European Union.

Manufacturer: UAB "Geld Baltic"

Suitable for use

As a snack

On a trip, hike or to work - freeze dried products as a snack at hand.

With drinks

The crispness and brittleness of freeze dried products will go well with any beverage of your choice.

On the go

Freeze dried products are convenient to take wherever you are.

With favorite desserts

Children adore sprinkles, while adults delight in colors and new flavors.

Energy and nutritional value

100 grams

Energy value

2523.3 kJ 580 Kcal


33 g

Of which saturated fat

22.6 g


61 g

Of which sugars (g)

54.3 g


9.6 g


0.3 g


0 g

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