About us


Our story started with a passion for a food product


          Super Garden was born out of... practicality. When you have a craving for something delicious. When you want the sort of food that everyone would love and be excited about. When you want to avoid calorie-dense foods and products that can throw your daily recommended sugar intake off the charts. We wanted something that would take you back to the warm, sunny embrace of summer.
          One sunny Saturday morning, Laura, the founder of Super Garden, was having a family breakfast with her children. She noticed that her children went straight for the freeze-dried berries in their cereal bowls and ate them first. “These berries could make a perfect replacement for sweet sugary foods,” Laura thought to herself, and started searching for freeze-dried snacks that she could buy. But she was unable to find any. While doing her research, she kept discovering more and more about the benefits of such type of products. She learned that freeze-dried foods are natural, they retain their nutrients, have a long shelf life and are very light-weight so you can carry them anywhere. Passion for this type of products inspired her to set up a company. And that’s how Super Garden was born.


Our values

Our mission is to make wholesome eating ENJOYABLE and SIMPLE. 

Our vision is to become the world’s leading freeze-dried food brand.

Our three core VALUES that guide us:

Quality and safety come first

       Our goal is to provide our customers with top-quality products and we do our best to deliver premium products to your table.

  • Various quality certificates guarantee the quality of our products. Currently, we are striving to obtain an IFS certificate which is synonymous with premium quality.
  • Our products are sourced from farmers in Lithuania and other European countries. Products of European origin are recognised globally for their high level of quality.
  • All our products are hand-picked.
  • We only use whole berries and other products for making powder.
  • Our powder production process includes the removal of seeds which gives our products an excellent flavour.
  • Our firm packaging protects the products against crumbling.


Comprehensive range

       Did you know that Super Garden has the widest product range in the world? It is our goal to ensure that you can find everything you need in our product range and that we have got something to offer to all foodies.

  • We offer as many as ten product categories: berries, fruit, vegetables, meat, snacks, herbs and spices, coffee, tea, gift sets, and advent calendars.
  • Our products are available in a range of different forms (whole, strips, pieces and powder) so that you can use them in a multitude of ways.
  • You can also choose between organic and non-organic options.
  • We also offer custom freeze-dried food. If you have an idea that you would like us to help realize, please contact us at: pardavimai@supergarden.lt



       We strive to deliver added value and to create new simple, delicious and innovative ideas to make your wholesome eating enjoyable and simple.

  • We cooperate with various researchers who have some amazing ideas, and some of them have even joined our team.
  • We even freeze-dry those products that no other company does.
  • We create new products (BITES snacks and DrinkEat tea) and there will be many more additions as we continue to grow.
  • We offer a patented product, BITES, which has received international recognition.


The process

       Our products are cultivated with love in a fertile soil and clean air and they are harvested during their natural harvesting period. Products have the best nutritional properties during their peak harvest season. This is why products are delivered to us from the farmers as soon as they are harvested. They are then freeze-dried, packaged and shipped to your home.


       Lyophilisation, or freeze drying, is the gold standard for food preservation thanks to which products are preserved in their fresh form without using any additives, preservatives, added sugar or other extra ingredients.


It feels good to be noticed and appreciated. We have won gold medals three times in Lithuania

 Our advent calendar was awarded a gold medal in 2018.

 Best New Natural Food Product. Natural & Organic Awards Scandinavia 2018

  Our snacks BITES received a gold medal in 2019.

 Best New Snack Product. Our BITES snacks were honored with Natural & Organic Awards Scandinavia 2019

 Our edible tea DrinkEat Elderberry on Top earned a gold medal in 2020.

 Best new free-from product. Our product DrinkEat was honored with Natural & Organic Awards Scandinavia 2021.

 Best new product. Our product BITES was honored with Baltic Gastronomy Leaders award 2021.


Let’s keep in touch!


We are here to make your life healthier and more beautiful. We are open to new things and new ideas. If you are leading a healthy life or want to live a healthier lifestyle, let’s keep in touch!


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