As you know I am always experimenting with my recipes to try to improve my recipe book. The recipe I shared many years ago, or my curd pie, at the very beginning of my blogging, is truly excellent, however, times change - so do our tastes and choices in the kitchen. This is completely normal! We and our choices are affected by the environment we live in, what we read or hear, what people surround us think, what message the world broadcasts, and of course, what "bubble" we comfortably settle in. Be it motherhood or health concerns, all the things that happen around us and within us are slowly changing us.

Along with those changes, new recipes are born. Not necessarily better or worse than the old ones - just different.

Sometimes I go through my old recipe book and I'm honestly surprised of how much my own taste has changed. It's been a long time since I put so much sugar in the curd cake! And this time I'm sharing the recipe with even more changes. In fact, it may seem that only the curd connects the old and this recipe, but there is more to it. I'll give my recipe to you - the new curd cake, which is perfect for any day.

It migh be different from what you are used of but it is just amazingly as delicious!

Instead of semolina, I use Bolivian pigeon seeds here, which makes the dough firmer than the classic one. Instead of white sugar, I used a much smaller amount of coconut blossom sugar. Since I absolutely adore coconuts, I also mixed in a couple of tablespoons of coconut butter (it, like any nut butter, and it is simply a good from the gods). For additional natural sweetness, I added a  ripped banana. For freshness and colors, I add a few handfuls of freeze-dried Supergarden berries. These berries - are without any additives, with a completely natural taste that reminds you of summer.

By the way, freeze-dried (lyophilized) berries are very suitable for baking this pie curds - as well as, for example, with other desserts and baked goods like, cakes, cupcakes, biscuits etc.. Because moisture is evaporated from the berries during lyophilization; this means that the berries don't release a lot of juice when baking, they don't stretch too much, they don't fall apart, so they don't change the texture of the baked goods, and the cut looks very nice!

Another thing that is very important for any curd cake, no matter what recipe you use it for, is this: separate the egg yolks from the egg whites! Mix the yolks into the prepared mass in a simple way, and thoroughly beat the whites until they create a stiff foam and stir them into the mixture of the curd cake. This will ensure that our baked good will be fluffier, lighter, and softer. And that's what you always wanted! Right?

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