Freeze drying (lyophilization) is a process used to dry food in a gentle but effective way. During the process, extremely low temperatures are reached and a vacuum is created - in such conditions, the frozen water passes into the gaseous state, bypassing the liquid phase.


It is for this reason that lyophilization is considered to be the golden standard for drying, allowing the internal structure of the product to be preserved. All the useful nutrients are preserved, which determines not only the benefits for the body, but also the taste and aroma. This process removes more water than normal drying, making the products much lighter and with a longer shelf life of up to 2 years!


Freeze drying is a natural process that does not use any additives, so the final product is as natural as fresh and is suitable even for raw foods.

Freeze dried (lyophilized) food retains excellent taste, texture and nutritional quality for up to 2 years (the term varies depending on the product).

Freeze drying (lyophilization) is considered to be the best drying / canning method. Freeze dried food has significant advantages over dried food:

Freeze dried food retains all the beneficial nutrients;
Significantly stronger taste and aromatic properties;
The extremely low weight of the product is useful when traveling;
The product remains in excellent condition for a long time.

True, the freeze dried product is almost always crunchy. If you like crispiness, a freeze-dried snack will become irreplaceable.
No additives or preservatives are used for freeze-drying. Dried fruits (depending on the manufacturer) may contain added sugar or other additives.

Yes. The terms describe the same technology.

Super Garden freeze dried (lyophilized) products are natural.

Yes, the temperature used in the process is less than 40 oC.

Lyophilized products must be protected from moisture, daylight and air entering the package.

Scientists call lyophilization a perfect drying method because this process preserves virtually all valuable materials.

Can be used as a snack, smooth, with flakes, porridge, for confectionery decorations, with yogurt and so on.

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