Innovation Behind BITES Never Stops

BITES are an innovative product and everything that modern lifestyle needs. They

are natural high biological and nutritional value snacks and the superpower comes from various freeze-dried products. The snack contains only 3 ingredients: freeze-dried product (or a mix of several), cocoa butter, and pea protein isolate. 

The product itself is an innovation, a long journey of tests and trials with nutritionists, scientists, dietologists.

In a process called lyophilization, we freeze and dehydrate fruits, berries, veggies and other ingredients. Freeze-drying process saves the nutrients, flavours, aromas, and other good stuff these products have.

At harvest, products with the highest nutrient content are selected for lyophilization. Fresh products are quick- frozen using flash freezing technology. Immediately after lyophilization – frozen water extraction - products are packaged and prepared for 3D printing. Yes! 3D printing!

3D printer – the winner in Innovation at Anuga Food Fair, 2021

The 3D printer is designed for real-time printing of BITES snacks. Just insert a cartridge with the recipe for the selected BITE, and you will be able to enjoy that delicious snack. 3D printer cartridges have a long shelf life and printing in real time lets you enjoy a fresh snack whenever you want. You can choose one that meets your current needs: an instant energy snack, a detoxing snack, or just a sweet and super tasty bit of fruit.

3D printer was awarded at international Food Fair Anuga, Cologne, 2021 and recognized among the most life-changing food innovation of the year. It has not been easier for people to create individual recipes, producer BITES of their taste and enjoy health and fun snack for the healthy life of the whole family.,


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