BITES – innovative snack for healthy diet

Snacking as a trend is growing and we can confirm form our individual experience: we are looking for a better option to have energy boost during daily meals or to have a smart way to observe our daily intake of fruit and vegetables or to enhance our diets with nutrients especially in hectic lifestyle.

BITES: triple natural snacks

BITES is our answer to a hectic, stressful modern life. We accepted a challenge to create a tasty, well-balanced, nutritious snack appealing to grown-ups as well as children. The snacks contain only 3 ingredients: freeze-dried product (or a mix of several), cocoa butter, and pea protein isolate. BITES are natural snacks providing high biological value. Their superpower comes from varied freeze-dried products: fruit, berries, vegetables. Carefully selected ingredients yield just the right mix of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. BITES are everything that modern snacking needs. BITES do not contain added sugar, flavorings, preservatives, or any other ingredients – they are natural, healthy, and tasty.

The shape of the product is fun to eat, it is small but powerful: one cube of BITES contains 1  carrot, or even 10 wild strawberries fits 1 small cube.

BITES: innovation never stops!

We are passionate about creating and innovating, this way we can offer new tastes to our consumers. BITES open unlimited possibilities to meet not only nutritional but also functional needs. With the current portfolio of 200 different varieties, we are committed to offer more, specifically functional BITES: enhanced with vitamins, energy, fiber, vitamin C, antioxidant, probiotic. Stay tuned and you will learn more.

You can also be our inspiration for a new taste of BITES. Based on our consumer feedback we constantly experiment, and it brings amazing results. Can you guess what is the most popular recipe proposed by our consumers? A very delicious xxx and coffee!


BITES: unique and always winning!

We all know „Less is more“, so true about BITES. Only 3 ingredients and a revolutionary change in our diets! No wonder that the product has received numerous awards in international exhibitions, fairs and Product of the year competitions:

Our snacks BITES received a gold medal in 2019 in Lithuania

Best New Natural Food Product. Natural & Organic Awards Scandinavia 2018

Best New Snack Product. Our BITES snacks were honoured with Natural & Organic Awards Scandinavia 2019.

BITES snacks are valued in the world, especially in Europe and Asian countries, we are confident that BITE snacking will soon be a trend even wider.


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