BITES 3D Printer - A Buzz of the year in Expo 2020 in Dubai

Expo is a huge event when countries present something interesting and important about themselves. Lithuania is one of those countries that invest a lot in innovation and technology. Our latest innovation BITES 3D Printer makes to the top of attention and talk among experts, peer companies and international visitors of EXPO 2020 Dubai.

Our team is very proud to present and explain how simple the process is. 3D printing is in fact available for every consumer, just like a coffee machine or a toaster. We are confident that this is the future of our daily diet management: tasty and easy-to-prepare BITES snack can be customized to your individual taste preferences, your dietary needs, and requirements as well as nutrition recommendations.

The 3D printer is designed for real-time printing of BITES snacks. Just insert a cartridge with the recipe for the selected BITE, and you will be able to enjoy that delicious snack. 3D printer cartridges have a long shelf life and printing in real time lets you enjoy a fresh snack whenever you want. You can choose one that meets your current needs: an instant energy snack, a detoxing snack, or just a sweet and super tasty bit of fruit.

Visitors of EXPO 2020 Dubai will be among the first in the world to enjoy BITES designed and printed according to their needs and preferences. Other delicious Super Garden products are available for tasting and enjoyment.

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