Freeze dried food stock set

New - a set of freeze dried (lyophilized) food stocks. The set is balanced. Selected natural products from nature. We remind you that freeze dried products have a long shelf life, so it is suitable to keep in stock, stored for up to 2 years. Choose according to your tastes, hobbies or needs.

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Sets and their composition:

Small: Freeze-dried beef 72 g, chicken 72 g, Goat Makė mango and pineapple mix 39 g, beet pellets 80 g, corn 40 g, pea 40 g, strawberry and banana mix 100 g, apple cubes 26 g., Vanilla ice cream 40 g., Cheddar cheese 100 g., Bites snacks - fruit 2x10 g., Berries 2x10 g., Smoothies "Dancing cranberry" 30 g., "Pina Colada" 30 g., "Exotic vibes" 30 g., "Crazy berries" 30 g.

Large: Freeze-dried beef 100 g, chicken 100 g, carrots 100 g, beets 100 g, corn 100 g, pea 100 g, mixture of strawberries 100 g, vanilla ice cream 100 g, pineapple 100 g g., apples 100 g., apricots 100 g... Cheddar cheese... 100 g., memel cheese with basil, fruit snack "Bites". 30 g. "30 g.," Dancing cranberry "30 g., Pina Colada" 30 g., "Exotic vibers" 30 g., "Crazy berries" 30 g.

Store in a dry and cool place.

Place of origin: European Union.

Manufacturer: UAB "Geld Baltic"


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