Freeze dried parsley

Nourish your favorite dishes with authentic natural flavors. Freeze dried (lyophilized) parsley has a rich forest green color, and its sweet aroma makes it an ideal choice for both the main dish and garnish. Parsley is often used as a tasty addition to soups, salads, and egg dishes!


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Suitable for use


Suitable for:
In the production of sauces and spreads
Favorite sauces and pastes will acquire a new - luxurious taste.

In the production of salads, soups, stews, pasta, pizzas.
Sometimes just one pinch is enough to replace a regular meal.

Tasting of meat and fish dishes
Rediscover your food flavors with lyophilized spices.

Ingredients: 100% parsley.

Store in a cool, dry place.

Place of origin: European Union.

Manufacturer UAB "Geld Baltic".


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